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Mackay Nature Park

“The Inside About The Outside”
by Barry A. Ganzhorn Sr.

Howdy Folks,
    I am so blessed to be able to continue my outdoor writings on the new Village of Caledonia website.  I want to thank the Village Board for this great opportunity.  As in the past, I will be writing about the happenings in the Caledonia outdoors.  I will be giving you updates on the Mackay Wildlife Preserve and Richard Thomas Overlook. I will bring you information pertaining to individual accomplishments related to the Caledonia outdoors.
    I will have a new section called “The Loss of a Friend”.  This will be dedicated to anyone that has lost a pet of any kind.  Pets are very close and wonderful friends.  The loss of one is very heart-breaking.  I will give the person whom has lost the pet a place to show a picture of their pet and write a small story about that pet.  I have found that venting equals healing.
    So there you are.  I will be writing every other month starting in February and hope that you enjoy my writings about what is going on in Caledonia’s out doors.

    God Bless,