New York Forward Grant

The Village of Caledonia is preparing to apply for a $4.5 million New York Forward grant, issued through the Regional Economic Development Council. 

The Caledonia Village Board is very excited at the prospect of investing in our community to invigorate and bring new life to the Village by the Springs! As a business owner located within the defined grant area, you have an opportunity to be a part of the Village’s grant application and take advantage of the NY Forward 60/40 funding for business projects. Please note that the deadline is very close – September 1, 2023. Your application of potential interest (not a full business project proposal) must be submitted to the Village Office by that date. Read below for the details.


One of the requirements of the grant is that the Village should have business and community partnerships, this means businesses that are located within our defined grant region, and are interested in performing renovations, restorations, expansions, and/or a new business venture.
See the map which outlines the grant region (downtown, North Street  to Mill Street. Church Street from Hamilton to Washburn Parks. Center Street from Main Street to the vacant Specialized Printed Forms Property.  

The NY Forward grant provides a 60/40 investment – up to 40% funding toward your business project, making this an excellent opportunity for a Caledonia business located within the defined region, to establish itself or perform enhancements.  

We strongly encourage business owners to consider partnering with the Village of Caledonia on this grant application. If we are awarded the grant, your business may be able to take advantage of the funding. Business owners are not obligated to do a project, however, if we receive the grant and you decide you do want to do a project on your business, you cannot be considered for funding if you didn’t express interest at the time of the grant application. You have nothing to lose by completing the form! Your only commitment is that you are expressing potential interest if the Village is the recipient of the NY Forward grant. The Village must receive your form by September 1, 2023. 

Community involvement is also vital!  Your input will be included in the grant application.

Click HERE to fill out a Google form telling us your ideas.

If the Village of Caledonia is awarded a NY Forward Grant, a Local Planning Committee will be assembled to develop the scope of the project.

If you would like to speak to the Mayor or a Trustee about the NY Forward grant, please call the Village Office at 585-538-6565 or email You can also follow the grant developments on our Facebook page, Village of Caledonia NY. and on our website,