Caledonia Police


Please feel free to call us at (585) 538-6200 or email us at jpassamonte@caledoniapolice.org with any questions. If no answer, call 911 and ask for a Caledonia Police Officer.

– Officer-In-Charge, Jared Passamonte

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to be the model of excellence in policing by working in partnership with the  community and its leaders and to enforce laws while safeguarding the consitutional rights. We are dedicated to protecting life, property, and maintaining order while assuming fair and equal treatment to everyone and to create a work environment in which we recruit, train and develop an exceptional team of Officers. We are proud of our profession.

Medication Drop Box

The Caledonia Police Department has a green medication drop-off box for our residents to properly dispose of unwanted medication. It is located at 3095 Main Street in teh Village Clerk’s Office vestibule. This is a “no questions asked” drop box. Please DO NOT drop needles or liquids into the box. If you have any questions, please contact the Caledonia Police Department at (585) 538-6200.


Where is our station located?

The Caledonia Police Department is located in the
Village Office building directly adjacent to the fire hall. 
It shares an entrance with the Big Springs Museum.

How can we be reached?
For emergency requests, Dial 911
Non-emergency telephone number: (585) 538-6200
Address: 3095 Main Street, Caledonia NY 14423
Email: jpassamonte@caledoniapolice.org